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Let’s get Digital…or Analog!?

Pardon the stupid title for this post.  It’s simply what popped into my head.  Anyways…I’ve got a new episode of techbits!  It’s been several months since the last episode, but hopefully my recent electronics projects have kept you entertained in the meanwhile.  This time, I’m talking about analog and digital[…]

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New TechBits, and UC Member Awards

Well, it’s taken me forever, but I finally managed to upload a new video!  TechBits 11 is embedded below – I’m discussing the differences between Solid State and Mechanical Hard Drives.  Don’t forget to subscribe to me on youtube! In other news, the 2009 Member Awards are currently underway. […]

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By Popular Demand: Overclocking Guide!

Users on this blog,, and youtube have been begging me to do an overclocking guide for a long time. Initially I was reluctant, because overclocking works differently on almost every system. But, I’ve finally given in, and I put together a two-part TechBits episode on overclocking. Because it would[…]

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Power Supplies Demystified!

An area of huge confusion when it comes to building a computer is picking out the right power supply. Does it have the right connectors? How many Voltage Rails are there? Will it protect my components? Does it offer enough wattage? In these week’s two-part episode of techbits, I answer[…]

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Computer Cooling Techniques

I noticed a whole bunch of questions about various types of computer cooling this past week on the forum, so I figured we were due for a TechBits episode on the topic!  You can check it out below or you can watch it in HD on youtube. In other news,[…]

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Another Week, another TechBits (in HD!)

I recorded this episode while I was at home for Thanksgiving.  Zach Lynn co-hosts with me as we discuss the proper settings to choose for your video games, and what they all mean.  Zach co-administers, worked on the DeepNote guitar hero bot, and runs Illusion Montages with me. As[…]

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