March 1, 2018

Talking Power Tools and Electrical Engineering on Altium’s OnTrack Podcast

What’s on my mind when I’m designing circuit boards? Listen to the latest Altium podcast and find out! “Altium Designer” is the software that I use to design the electronics for Shaper Origin. Continue reading

Circuit Cellar

November 11, 2013

Find me in the November Issue of Circuit Cellar Magazine!

This month, I’m the featured interview in Circuit Cellar magazine! In the Q&A article I discuss many of the interesting projects I’ve worked on, how my education at Cornell impacted my entrepreneurial spirit, my recent book release, and what inspires me to teach others. Continue reading

CUSD Sustainability Research Facility Logo

September 16, 2011
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Interview in the Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell University Sustainable Design, the student design-build initiative that I lead, was recently featured in Cornell’s Daily Sun newspaper. I spoke with a sun writer about the lofty goals that we have for our Sustainability Research Facility (SRF) project. Head … Continue reading

EEWeb Logo

June 20, 2011

Featured Engineer on EEWeb

Is this post shameless self-promotion? Maybe. Does that bother me? Just a little. Should you read the interview that I did with EEWeb anyways? Totally. I’m the most recent “featured engineer” on, a popular online portal for Electrical Engineers. … Continue reading

Open Source Ecology

June 10, 2011
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Open Source Ecology

I was just recently introduced to open source ecology (OSE), a movement that aims to develop the global village construction set – all the tools you need to develop a modern community.  They’ve already started prototyping many of the tools, … Continue reading

Jeremy Present the SudoGlove on the Discovery Channel!

April 15, 2011

My TV Debut: SudoGlove on the Discovery Channel!

This project was featured on the Amp Hour Podcast on 4/18/2011 <Video Removed because The Discovery Channel made a Copyright Claim> :( If you thought I could only use the SudoGlove to drive RC cars and make music (depending on … Continue reading