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Interview in the Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell University Sustainable Design, the student design-build initiative that I lead, was recently featured in Cornell’s Daily Sun newspaper.  I spoke with a sun writer about the lofty goals that we have for our Sustainability Research Facility (SRF) project.  Head over to the daily sun site, and give it a[…]

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Featured Engineer on EEWeb

Is this post shameless self-promotion?  Maybe.  Does that bother me?  Just a little.  Should you read the interview that I did with EEWeb anyways?  Totally. I’m the most recent “featured engineer” on, a popular online portal for Electrical Engineers.  The site offers a pretty nice community, technical info, and[…]

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Open Source Ecology

I was just recently introduced to open source ecology (OSE), a movement that aims to develop the global village construction set – all the tools you need to develop a modern community.  They’ve already started prototyping many of the tools, and have published all the details necessary to build them[…]

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My TV Debut: SudoGlove on the Discovery Channel!

This project was featured on the Amp Hour Podcast on 4/18/2011 <Video Removed because The Discovery Channel made a Copyright Claim> :( If you thought I could only use the SudoGlove to drive RC cars and make music (depending on your definition of music), then you’re wrong!  It appears that[…]

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