Weather Station Display

May 14, 2011

MSP430 Wireless Weather Station

Contrary to popular belief, Arduino is not the only microcontroller I use for projects. I often program Atmega 8-bit CPUs in C for my research, I’ve played with PICs at various jobs, and I’ve also worked with Parallax Basic Stamp … Continue reading

SudoGlove Instrument Panel

March 25, 2011

Processing-Based SudoGlove Visual Debugger

SudoGlove Visual Debugging Software As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently presented the SudoGlove Control System at Cornell’s BOOM Competition. I was concerned (rightly so) that I wouldn’t be able to drive the RC car around much due … Continue reading

Sexy Temperature Display

March 23, 2011

Hacker Highlights: Steven’s Temperature Display

Open Source saves the day once again! Working off the Arduino+I2C+Processing powered temperature display that I crafted in my 7th Arduino Tutorial, [Steven Dayton] has crafted a beautiful Processing Sketch that puts mine to shame. He created the illustration using … Continue reading

Tutorial 7

February 13, 2011

Tutorial 7 for Arduino: I2C and Processing

This tutorial was featured on the official Arduino blog on 3/9/2011 As promised, this week brings another communications tutorial! In this video, we’ll use both the serial and processing knowledge that we gained last week, plus an I2C enabled temperature-sensing … Continue reading

Tutorial 6

February 7, 2011

Tutorial 6 for Arduino: Serial Comm and Processing

This tutorial was featured on the official Arduino blog on 3/9/2011 The next four episodes are all about communicating between the Arduino and other devices. In this video, we’ll focus on communicating with the computer via a standard serial connection. … Continue reading