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Nerf Sentry Gun…be afraid.

The nerf sentry gun was developed as a final project for Cornell University’s CS1114 Matlab Robotics class.  Jason Wright and I worked on the gun together, and were awarded “coolest final project”. Check out the video of the gun in action, and see how we built it: READ ON FOR[…]

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More guitar mods, and PCB testing

Since we are convinced that the inside our our guitar is going to look really cool when complete, we’ve decided to make a a back window out of plexiglass, so today we’ve started to cut it. As normal, today was also another day of program tweaking, something that will likely[…]

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Even more Programming, and the Arrival of PCBs

Oh yes, even more programming today. After spending hours working out little bugs in our new code platform, we finally have a “working” version. However, it is still not as good as our previous program (the one that 100 percented a song). However, it can process significantly faster, and once[…]

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First 100%!

Granted, it was on practice mode (to avoid the star power notes that mess it up), but we did get our first 100% today on a custom song: “Black Widow of La Porte.” Most of today was focused on our new approach at the programming aspect. In order to speed[…]

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Program Tweaking

As we prepare for our final circuit boards to arrive, we have been fine tuning our programming. Today involved trying to learn assembly language, a programming form that allows for faster execution of code, but is signifigantly more difficult to write correctly. Some aspects of our project execute a bit[…]

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Reverse Engineering the Guitar Hero X-plorer

We got a whole lot done today. On the programming side of things, we’ve been working on getting the signals to go in through the microprocessor. There are a few things that the processor has to take care of…It needs to take in all signals simultaneously, and record their values[…]

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