BLOG > Another Week, another TechBits (in HD!)

I recorded this episode while I was at home for Thanksgiving.  Zach Lynn co-hosts with me as we discuss the proper settings to choose for your video games, and what they all mean.  Zach co-administers, worked on the DeepNote guitar hero bot, and runs Illusion Montages with me.

As of about a week ago, youtube has switched to a widescreen format and will even support HD streaming when you upload a video at 720p resolution.  To get in the spirit, I’ve unconverted this video so you can view it in HD!  Embedded below is both the standard definition version and the 720p HD version so you can see the difference. Enjoy!

I’ve just ordered a new 1080p camcorder and I will soon be filming everything in full HD quality.

Standard Definition

High Definition

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