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Empathetic Engineering: Watch my Keynote and a Shaper Spotlight from AltiumLive 2018

I recently had the privilege of delivering one of the keynote talks at AltiumLive 2018, an annual conference for circuit board designers. In my talk, I used Shaper (where I currently work) as a case study of how design thinking principles can be leveraged to help engineers design better products. Read on to watch the keynote and a video that highlights Shaper’s design philosophy.

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Open Source Society [TEDx Cornell Talk]

Back in October I was invited to speak at Cornell University’s first annual TEDx event. The theme of the evening was “rethinking our society”, so naturally, my talk focused on how open source concepts could be used to re-imagine how our world works.

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BlueStamp Engineering Visit

Talking to some of the BlueStamp Engineering Students Today I got the unique opportunity to stop by BlueStamp Engineering, a summer enrichment program for aspiring engineers.  Dave Young, the co-founder and Chief Engineering Officer is a fellow blogger at the element14 Do-It-Yourself blog, and is a Electrical Engineer based out[…]

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Building an Engineer [Ignite Talk 2010]

This video was featured on the Adafruit Blog on 12/22/10 This video was featured on the Dangerous Prototypes Blog on 12/22/10 This video was featured on the Makezine Blog on 12/22/10 The talented Jonas Neubert, an associate of mine from Cornell’s Computational Synthesis Lab, as well as the organizer of[…]

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