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Submission to Parallax Propeller Design Contest

We have successfully submitted the information for our DeepNote Guitar Hero Bot to the Parallax Propeller (the microcontroller we used) Design Contest.  The contest judges entrants on the following criterion: 30% Propeller Design Appropriateness Determined on applicant’s ability to use the Propeller’s unique architecture to achieve a working design. An entry[…]

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DeepNote Walkthrough video

I’m excited to announce the release of the DeepNote Walkthrough video. It is a full, detailed explanation of how the bot works. It will be submitted along with our contest entry to parallax to compete in the upcoming propeller design challenge.

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Deep Note Takes on Aerosmith

Since Guitar Hero Aerosmith came out, we figured we’d give our bot a crack at it. It managed to play it as well as, if not better than the PC version of Guitar Hero 3, without any modifications at all. That goes to show how easily it can adapt. Here’s[…]

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Work Continues, Camera Battery Dies

Oops, I forget to charge my camera battery, so no pictures today we managed to get some the next day (posted below), but here’s what we’ve done recently. We completely finshed the metal rack that will hold the sensors, and accompanying tripod mount for it.  Using module components, we are[…]

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