InsideScience TV

February 4, 2012

American Institute of Physics Reports on my SudoGlove for InsideScience TV

The American Institute of Physics put together a piece on my SudoGlove Gesture Control Interface for national syndication via InsideScience TV. Be sure to check out the video, or watch it on your local news station this week! Continue reading

Daily Sun Profile

November 2, 2011

Cornell Daily Sun Science Spotlight

I was recently profiled (along with Brian Shiffer – a fellow hacker and good friend) in the Cornell Daily Sun. You can read the whole article here. Both of us attended MakerFaire NYC and the Open Hardware Summit. I presented … Continue reading


June 19, 2011

Using the SudoGlove as a Performance Piece

I’ve already shown how the SudoGlove Control System can be used to synthesize simple music. However, I used my enrollment in a digital music class this past semester as an opportunity to further expand the capabilities of the SudoGlove as … Continue reading

Jeremy Present the SudoGlove on the Discovery Channel!

April 15, 2011

My TV Debut: SudoGlove on the Discovery Channel!

This project was featured on the Amp Hour Podcast on 4/18/2011 <Video Removed because The Discovery Channel made a Copyright Claim> :( If you thought I could only use the SudoGlove to drive RC cars and make music (depending on … Continue reading


March 25, 2011

SudoSynth – Making “Music” with the SudoGlove

This project was featured on on 3/26/2011 This project was featured on on 3/28/2011 I had to put “music” in quotation marks, since I’m using a pretty loose definition.  I do not consider myself to be a musical person, but … Continue reading

SudoGlove Instrument Panel

March 25, 2011

Processing-Based SudoGlove Visual Debugger

SudoGlove Visual Debugging Software As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently presented the SudoGlove Control System at Cornell’s BOOM Competition. I was concerned (rightly so) that I wouldn’t be able to drive the RC car around much due … Continue reading

March 25, 2011

SudoGlove Original Driving Trial – Uncut Footage

This one is coming out of the archives! Below is a video of one of the first full length trial runs we did with the SudoGlove Control System. I put it up on my secondary youtube channel, which I’m planning … Continue reading

Our Exhibit at Boom

March 25, 2011
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SudoGlove goes BOOM!

Our Exhibit at BOOM 2011 BOOM = Bits on our Minds. It’s an annual event hosted at Cornell University by the faculty of Computing and Information Science. It’s a really awesome event, and every year I look forward to attending … Continue reading

May 9, 2010

SudoGlove – Hardware Control Using Hand Gestures

Update 5/19/10 – I have uploaded the final report, code, schematics, laser-cutting files, and sound effects! Read on to download them. Introducing the SudoGlove Control System! This is my final project for INFO4320 at Cornell Engineering. It was developed by … Continue reading