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Lian Li PC-A05N Black Mini PC Case Review

A new review!  We actually filmed this months ago, around the same time that I released the video of my new computer.  But, the semester got underway, and I didn’t get a chance to edit it until now.  This is a great little case, with a surprising amount of room[…]

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Computer Destruction 101

It’s always a good idea to keep your old hard drives.  Case and point, if Zach (the one filming this video) hadn’t been looking through his old drive, he never would have found this gem that we filmed a few years ago.  It’s basically just 3 minutes of computer carnage,[…]

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A 10 minute guide to Computer Building

Before building a fairly basic computer for my mother, I realized that the since I wasn’t doing anything extreme (like watercooling), this would be the ideal opportunity to make a simple instructional video for beginner computer builders. The result was an easy-to-follow 10 minute tutorial:

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P180 Mini Tower Case Review

This is my first review that I am conducting through It is for the Antec P180 mini case, which I am using in a future computer build. Since I had the case anyways, I figured I would review it.

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Building a Mineral Oil Computer

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, and now it’s finally done. Myself, and a few friends have finished building a computer completely submerged in mineral oil. Because mineral oil does not conduct electricity, computer components can be submerged in it without risk of shorting. It also helps[…]

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