Let’s get Digital…or Analog!?


Pardon the stupid title for this post. It’s simply what popped into my head. Anyways…I’ve got a new episode of techbits! It’s been several months since the last episode, but hopefully my recent electronics projects have kept you entertained in the meanwhile. This time, I’m talking about analog and digital signals – Both of which are inescapable in computers and all other electronic devices. Enjoy!


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  3. “Exploring Arduino” is a revolutionary book.
    I think that it may become more famous in Japan.
    WEB site is translated, but I hope that the book will be of Japanese.
    (I guess, but I found in the jungle.)

  4. Hey,
    Can you please send me the list of complete components needed for this experiment .
    It will be a great help !
    Thank you.

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