BLOG > Updates to and a new TechBits! It’s a Christmas miracle.

So, I’ve been keeping very during my winter break…Zach and I have been working hard on some needed updates for, and I’m trying to churn out a bunch of videos/get projects done/absolute craziness.

So anyways, has gotten a few new fun features.  First off, we started a Folding@Home team a few months ago, and I wanted people to be able to track out progress right on our website…so I wrote some nice little php scripts, worked a little magic, and churned out this simple Folding Page, that explains the project and queries the Standford University Server for our current standing in the ranks.

Next up, we’ve released the new “Featured Page“.  It is the new home of all official UltimateComputers content including projects, reviews, tutorials, and techbits episodes.  This allowed us to clear out the old “projects” section.  The projects, tutorials, and reviews section on the site will soon become home to user-submission portals, where registered users can share their work with the world.

Lastly (exhausted yet?), I released a new episode of TechBits today!  It covers the current cutting-edge processor architectures from AMD and Intel, and discusses what is to come from each CPU manufacturer.  Check it out below or watch in HD on youtube.

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