2011 OHS

August 17, 2015
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You Helped me Raise over $6,000 to Support The Open Hardware Summit! Do You Want to Attend, too?

With your help, we raised over $6000 to support the Ada Lovelace Fellowship! But now, I have four tickets for reserved seats at the Open Hardware Summit to give away. Read on to learn how you can win them. Continue reading

August 28, 2011

Help Put me on a Times Square Billboard!

Update: I didn’t win, but thanks for voting, and congrats to all the people who did win! I’m calling in a favor! (a really awesome website if you aren’t familiar with it) is holding a contest to put some … Continue reading

Contest Results

February 18, 2011
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Arduino Contest Results!

The recent arduino contest that I ran with element14 has come to a close, and I’m very excited to announce the winners. Every last one of the submissions was extremely impressive, and I would highly recommend that you go check … Continue reading


January 28, 2011

Arduino Contest Update and Expert Status

The element14 Arduino contest that I announced a few weeks ago has had its deadline extended! You now have an extra two weeks to get your projects in. Make sure you post them in the element14 Arduino group, and as … Continue reading


January 13, 2011

Arduino Design Contest – Win a Soldering Station!

Wanna win this soldering station from element14!? Check out the details in my video below, and submit your project to the element14 arduino group, and as a video response to my youtube video! I’ll even pick some of my favorites, … Continue reading

Episode 1

January 2, 2011

Tutorial Series for Arduino: It begins.

This video was featured on the Adafruit Blog on 01/06/11 This tutorial was featured on the official Arduino blog on 3/9/2011 This video was featured on the DIYFilm Blog on 03/19/11 Thanks to a generous sponsorship from element14, I’m putting … Continue reading

September 16, 2008
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Submission to Parallax Propeller Design Contest

We have successfully submitted the information for our DeepNote Guitar Hero Bot to the Parallax Propeller (the microcontroller we used) Design Contest. The contest judges entrants on the following criterion: 30%┬áPropeller Design Appropriateness Determined on applicant’s ability to use the … Continue reading