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e14 Blog Post: How Start-ups are Changing Everything

As I’ve mentioned before, entrepreneurship is something I’m rather passionate about.  With the recent founding of the PopShop co-working space, my time spent at NYC start-ups BlueStamp Engineering and MakerBot Industries, and my involvement with Cornell’s new NYC Tech Campus, I’ve become very excited about how start-ups are fundamentally changing[…]

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Tutorial 1 for CadSoft Eagle: Schematic Design

This is the first in a series of tutorials that will focus on using the very popular Eagle CAD program to design circuit boards from concept, to schematic, to board layout, to printed circuit board. In this first episode, I’ll show you how to get Eagle up and running, and how to design your first schematic.

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Product Road Test: Lumex Backlit 16×2 LCD Display

This is a review of the Lumex LCR-U01602DSF/DWH 16×2 Backlit LCD Display.  It was provided to me for evaluation by element14/Newark Electronics.  You can purchase it or learn more here. I tested its performance by using it with an arduino and the excellent LiquidCrystal library.  I will post an arduino[…]

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e14 Blog Post: What’s Next?

This latest element14 blog is basically me predicting the future.  So, if you want something to tease me about in a few decades when none of these things have come to fruition, you should read this latest post.  Here’s an excerpt: What’s Next?  This is the question that constantly irks[…]

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e14 Blog Post: Open-Sourcing Your Next Project

Following is an excerpt from my latest blog post on the Do-It-Together Blog.  Visit element14 to read the whole thing! The electronics and software industries have changed drastically in the past two decades (well, duh).  But I’m not talking about new technical developments, I’m talking about the way we share information,[…]

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e14 Blog Post: Engineering as a Collaborative Art Form

Time for another post on the element14 Do-It-Together Blog!  I’ll assume you’ve already read my inaugural post.  My latest post calls for continuing collaboration between artists and engineers.  This is a topic that I’ve been exploring a lot over the last 2 years.  I’ve started getting more interested in this since enrolling[…]

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