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Let’s get Digital…or Analog!?

Pardon the stupid title for this post.  It’s simply what popped into my head.  Anyways…I’ve got a new episode of techbits!  It’s been several months since the last episode, but hopefully my recent electronics projects have kept you entertained in the meanwhile.  This time, I’m talking about analog and digital[…]

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RoboClaw v1 featured on Hackaday

If you don’t read hackaday already, you should be, because it’s probably the best blog around.  Anyways, they’ve recently featured my roboclaw on their website: go check it out! Here’s some of my other stuff that’s been on Hackaday:

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Web-Controlled RoboClaw v1

This is a project that I’ve been working on on-and-off for over a year now. A while back, a friend got me this robotic claw kit from thinkgeek, basically to make fun of my prosthetics research.  It’s simple enough…A wired controller is connected to the claw and has a few[…]

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Nerf Sentry Gun…be afraid.

The nerf sentry gun was developed as a final project for Cornell University’s CS1114 Matlab Robotics class.  Jason Wright and I worked on the gun together, and were awarded “coolest final project”. Check out the video of the gun in action, and see how we built it: READ ON FOR[…]

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Prosthetics Research Featured on

Parallax, the creator of the BasicStamp microcontroller that I used on my prosthetic prototype, and the propeller chip used in the DeepNote Guitar Hero Bot, has a section on their website where they feature winning projects that have been made using their products. They’ve decided to feature my project on[…]

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Submission to Parallax Propeller Design Contest

We have successfully submitted the information for our DeepNote Guitar Hero Bot to the Parallax Propeller (the microcontroller we used) Design Contest.  The contest judges entrants on the following criterion: 30% Propeller Design Appropriateness Determined on applicant’s ability to use the Propeller’s unique architecture to achieve a working design. An entry[…]

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