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I’m Travelling Across the Country. On a Bus!

Cornell University Sustainable Design and the US Green Building Council have partnered up to organize a cross-country bus tour. The tour started at Cornell University and will end at the International GreenBuild Conference and Expo in San Francisco, California. Along the way, I, along with other CUSD members and college students from around the country will be teaching K-12 students about the importance of sustainable design.

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Return to the Brooklyn Children’s Museum

Last weekend, I returned to NY City again to visit the Brooklyn Children’s Museum with some other volunteers from Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD).  This was our second time visiting the museum; I last visited in April to teach kids about Modular Engineering and Architecture.  This time, we re-purposed soda bottles into planters[…]

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Interview in the Cornell Daily Sun

Cornell University Sustainable Design, the student design-build initiative that I lead, was recently featured in Cornell’s Daily Sun newspaper.  I spoke with a sun writer about the lofty goals that we have for our Sustainability Research Facility (SRF) project.  Head over to the daily sun site, and give it a[…]

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Confronting Energy Demand Using Renewables

This is a cross-post from the original post that I made on my element14 Blog on 3/20/2011 In my last blog post I talked about how we can define sustainability, and the broader implications of “going green” that often go unexplored.  As I stressed in that post, devising new, more[…]

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Can Sustainability be Defined?

This is a cross-post from the original post that I made on my element14 Blog on 3/14/2011 Sustainability is a loaded topic.  Nobody really knows what it means – there are definitions, ideas, and opinions, but as far as I can tell, there is no single way to identify what[…]

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