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Machine Metabolism Robot Meets the World

I recently released a video demonstration of the autonomous structure reconfiguring “metabolic machine” that I designed along with Franz Nigl, Shuguang Li, and Hod Lipson in Cornell’s Creative Machines Lab. The paper will be published in IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine soon.

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Cornell University Sustainable Design

This has been a busy semester!  After working on Cornell’s entry into the 2009 Solar Decathlon Competition, several of the team members and I determined that we had the power to do something really amazing with the knowledge we had gained and resources we have available to us at Cornell. […]

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Long Time no See…

So, it’s been awhile since I’ve actively updated  my blog or my youtube videos.  Even my presence on has gone down as of late.  As many of you probably know, I’m currently in my sophomore year at Cornell, studying electrical and computer engineering.  This semester has been a tremendous[…]

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Research Abstract

There are multiple problems associated with myoelectric control, currently the most popular form of prosthetic control. Myoelectrodes are expensive, require extensive processing to remove noise, must sometimes be implanted to receive the best signal, and often receive a noisy signal when used externally. One out of every twenty times, myoelectrodes[…]

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