BLOG > TechBits 12 – Choosing a Display + UC Member Awards Results are in!

Yesterday I released my longest single video to date, in which I cover everything you could ever want to know about LCD monitor specifications. Check it out below! Oh, and I’ve included a Topic Selector in the video that will allow you to jump to a particular part of the video..if for some reason you don’t want to stare at me for 15 minutes ;).

In other news, the 2009 UC Member Awards have come to a close.  I managed to pull ahead with the most total votes, but my brother came in a close second, so he’ll be receiving a free t-shirt.  Keep an eye out, he’ll probably be wearing it in his next youtube video.  And be sure to check out the full breakdown of the results, to see who won each category!

2009 UCMA Final Results

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