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Engineers use Technology to Make Lives Better

I’m an engineer because I believe that engineers have a unique ability to touch the lives of millions of people by developing technologies that shape the human experience. In this promotional video for my alma mater, Cornell University, I explain why that philosophy is so important to me.

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BlueStamp Engineering Visit

Talking to some of the BlueStamp Engineering Students Today I got the unique opportunity to stop by BlueStamp Engineering, a summer enrichment program for aspiring engineers.  Dave Young, the co-founder and Chief Engineering Officer is a fellow blogger at the element14 Do-It-Yourself blog, and is a Electrical Engineer based out[…]

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e14 Blog Post: Engineering as a Collaborative Art Form

Time for another post on the element14 Do-It-Together Blog!  I’ll assume you’ve already read my inaugural post.  My latest post calls for continuing collaboration between artists and engineers.  This is a topic that I’ve been exploring a lot over the last 2 years.  I’ve started getting more interested in this since enrolling[…]

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I’m a Writer on the e14 Do-It-Together Blog!

Did you want more blog posts from me? Well you’re in luck, because I’m now a contributing writer for element14’s new “Do-It-Together” Blog! I’ll be posting on anything and everything relating to engineering, technology, and science. But I’m not the only writer! There’s a ton of great talent contributing to[…]

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The Amp Hour = Awesome

I just discovered “The Amp Hour“, a seriously awesome podcast from EE gurus Dave Jones and Chris Gammell.  It’s a really fun, 1-hour, weekly rant about anything and everything happening in the world of electronics and engineering.  Admittedly, I have a small ulterior motive in posting this, since I was[…]

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