September 13, 2020
0 comments (My Open Source At-Home Bike Trainer)

Stuck indoors during the pandemic, I needed a creative outlet and a way to get exercise, so I built an open source stationary bike trainer with real-time web monitoring and controls. Continue reading

Engineering for a Better World

April 7, 2014

Engineers use Technology to Make Lives Better

I’m an engineer because I believe that engineers have a unique ability to touch the lives of millions of people by developing technologies that shape the human experience. In this promotional video for my alma mater, Cornell University, I explain why that philosophy is so important to me. Continue reading


January 20, 2014

You Helped me Raise $4000 to Support STEAM Education! Thank You!

It’s no secret that I care very deeply about the current state of engineering education. In the interest of supporting STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education, I’m donating 100% of my royalties from the holiday season to non-profits that support this cause. Continue reading

Ideas to Innovation

January 5, 2013

The “Idea to Innovation Flowchart” is now Available for Sale

The “Idea to Innovation Flowchart” is a poster that I’ve been working on with an illustrator for a few months. After getting lots of feedback, I’m really excited to announce that it is now available for sale. It makes a great wall decoration for your home or office! Continue reading

My BlueStamp Class

September 3, 2012

Teaching at BlueStamp Engineering

This summer, I taught a six week engineering program for high school students. Check out their amazing final projects! Continue reading

CUSD and Rick Fedrizzi

April 8, 2012

CUSD Pulls in Some Major Grants and Meets with Rick Fedrizzi (President/CEO of the US Green Building Council)

My fellow Cornell Sustainable Design team leaders and I recently met with Rick Fedrizzi, President of the US Green Building Council. We also won a $10,000 geothermal research grant, and a $1000 grant from Cornell’s Engineering Alumni Association. Continue reading

Jeremy Visits BlueStamp Engineering

July 27, 2011
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BlueStamp Engineering Visit

Talking to some of the BlueStamp Engineering Students Today I got the unique opportunity to stop by BlueStamp Engineering, a summer enrichment program for aspiring engineers. Dave Young, the co-founder and Chief Engineering Officer is a fellow blogger at the … Continue reading


April 28, 2011
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e14 Blog Post: Engineering as a Collaborative Art Form

Time for another post on the element14 Do-It-Together Blog! I’ll assume you’ve already read my¬†inaugural¬†post. My latest post calls for continuing collaboration between artists and engineers. This is a topic that I’ve been exploring a lot over the last 2 … Continue reading


April 15, 2011

I’m a Writer on the e14 Do-It-Together Blog!

Did you want more blog posts from me? Well you’re in luck, because I’m now a contributing writer for element14’s new “Do-It-Together” Blog! I’ll be posting on anything and everything relating to engineering, technology, and science. But I’m not the … Continue reading