October 15, 2015

J.A.R.V.I.S. – Wall St. Journal Coverage!

J.A.R.V.I.S., my custom-built home automation platform, was just featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal! Read on for an update on the system. Continue reading

March 30, 2013

Re-“Making” Education (Guest Post on the Open Electronics Blog)

This is the age of the maker. There is no denying that at this time in human history, makers have the power to do extraordinary things – building social networks that connect billions of people, designing new medical technologies that save lives, and creating cars that can drive themselves. Continue reading

July 6, 2012

Year of Open Source

This was so cool, it simply had to be shared. Sam Muirhead, a filmmaker in Berlin, is going to attempt something so awesome, that I can’t help but to be excited. Sam’s plan is to spend an entire year living open source. … Continue reading

TEDx Cornell

December 15, 2011

Open Source Society [TEDx Cornell Talk]

Back in October I was invited to speak at Cornell University’s first annual TEDx event. The theme of the evening was “rethinking our society”, so naturally, my talk focused on how open source concepts could be used to re-imagine how our world works. Continue reading

Working with Students at BlueStamp Engineering

August 3, 2011

A Second Visit to BlueStamp Engineering

Talking with all the aspiring engineers at BlueStamp Engineering last week went over so well that Dave and Robin (the co-founders) asked me to come back and speak again this week. This time, we actually remembered to film my talk, … Continue reading

Open Source Ecology

June 10, 2011
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Open Source Ecology

I was just recently introduced to open source ecology (OSE), a movement that aims to develop the global village construction set – all the tools you need to develop a modern community.  They’ve already started prototyping many of the tools, … Continue reading

Open Source

May 15, 2011

e14 Blog Post: Open-Sourcing Your Next Project

Following is an excerpt from my latest blog post on the Do-It-Together Blog. Visit element14 to read the whole thing! The electronics and software industries have changed drastically in the past two decades (well, duh). But I’m not talking about new … Continue reading

Episode 1

January 2, 2011

Tutorial Series for Arduino: It begins.

This video was featured on the Adafruit Blog on 01/06/11 This tutorial was featured on the official Arduino blog on 3/9/2011 This video was featured on the DIYFilm Blog on 03/19/11 Thanks to a generous sponsorship from element14, I’m putting … Continue reading