MakerBot Digitizer

March 15, 2013

MakerBot Digitizer Announcement

At SXSW this past week, MakerBot announced the Digitizer, a personal 3D scanner that, when paired with the MakerBot Replicator, will allow you literally “copy” real-world objects. I designed the electronics and firmware for the prototype that was displayed at SXSW. Continue reading

Just Another Day at Maker Faire

October 2, 2012

Reporting In from the 2012 Open Hardware Summit and World Maker Faire

I just got back from the 3rd annual Open Hardware Summit and World Maker Faire. It’s been a whirlwind week of robots, 3D Printers, inspiring talks, education, networking and more. I’m excited to share all the details! Continue reading

EEVBlog Replicator Tear Down

August 5, 2012

EEVBlog Does a Tear-Down of the MakerBot Replicator

Dave Jones, fellow Electrical Engineer and Youtuber, recently received a MakerBot Replicator. In this video, Dave delivers a thorough investigation of the machine and the MightyBoard electronics that I developed for it. Check it out for a close look at how the MakerBot ticks! Continue reading

On The News

April 28, 2012
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The Future of 3D Printing

It’s no secret that I’m excited about 3D printing. I work on Cornell’s Personal Printer, the [email protected], I own two MakerBot printers, and I’ve worked for MakerBot, designing electronics for their open-source 3D printers. In this local news story on 3D printing, I talk about how the technology is advancing. Continue reading

The PopShop!

April 15, 2012

Pop In and Start Up at the PopShop!

I recently helped found a new space at Cornell to promote collaborative entrepreneurship, hacking, and start-up incubation. This one-month experiment is called “The PopShop.” Continue reading

I love Startups

February 2, 2012
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Cornell’s First Startup Career Fair

I recently helped organize Cornell’s first annual startup career fair, hot on the heels of working on Cornell’s NYC Tech Campus Bid. I was simultaneously recruiting for MakerBot Industries at the fair. Continue reading

The Replicator

January 12, 2012

The MakerBot Replicator has Landed

Tthe 3rd Generation MakerBot 3D Printer, “The Replicator”, is here! For several months I’ve been working for MakerBot, designing the all-new electronics that control the Replicator. Prepare for a revolution in personal manufacturing. Continue reading

TEDx Cornell

December 15, 2011

Open Source Society [TEDx Cornell Talk]

Back in October I was invited to speak at Cornell University’s first annual TEDx event. The theme of the evening was “rethinking our society”, so naturally, my talk focused on how open source concepts could be used to re-imagine how our world works. Continue reading

Jeremy with the Arduino Team

September 22, 2011

Open Hardware Summit and Maker Faire Wrapup

Yes, that’s me with the Arduino Team at Makerfaire! If you follow me on twitter, then you’ll certainly know that I spent last weekend in New York City for the 2nd Annual Open Hardware Summit and the 2011 World Maker Faire. … Continue reading