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The Replicator
The Replicator with some 3D Prints

I’m very proud to announce the release of the 3rd Generation MakerBot 3D Printer – “The Replicator“.  I’ve been working for MakerBot, designing the all-new electronics for the Replicator for several months now, and it’s very exciting to see it finally released.  The team that I’ve worked with at MakerBot has been absolutely amazing, and their hard work truly shows.

As always, the machine is completely open source, and all the schematics, firmware, etc, will be available soon for all to enjoy!  Once that happens, I’ll be sure to do a follow-up explaining all the electronics, and why they are so amazing (in this humble engineer’s opinion).  For now, enjoy a demo of it in action below, and check out all the press it’s been getting!


  1. Jeremy,

    You have done a great job with the Replicator. (I’m also in NY, near Clarkson University which you might know as it’s an Engineering school.) Also you are providing a lot of instruction to others (great job!) which I am beginning to do as well. I’m liking your Arduino tutorials at the moment.

    As for the Replicator, I’ve been shooting some videos on using the device. Really fun. Here is a link to my videos: I would appreciate any feedback if you can watch one or two.

    All the best and if you have cool engineering events going on I would be highly interested in attending. I’m focusing on Mech, Elec, and CS at the moment as they’re all merging together these days (in my opinion).


    1. Thanks Andrew! I’ve watched some of your videos – they made the rounds around makerbot a few weeks ago. They’re great – keep up the good work! You should definitely try to get to the Open Source Hardware Summit and/or MakerFaire in September – I’ll be at both, and so will MakerBot!

  2. Hello Jeremy:

    I am Larry, a mechatronics engineering from New Zealand.

    Firstly, I have been watching your Arduino tutorials and all the other files you’ve got on line; it’s great, really helpful and I learn a lot from them — thank you!

    Secondly, as you said in the TEDxCornellUniversity, both MakerBot and Replicator are open source. Now I am very interested in building my own 3D printer and would you mind to tell me the download access to those 3D printers’ files (Aduino programme, schemetic, drawing, etc.)? because I can’t really find them.
    Moverover, in the video you said that the Replicator could print food, how could that be achieve?


    1. By the way, can the codes, that have to be programmed into the ATmega 8U2 and ATmega 1280 on the MightyBoard, be download as well? I really want to take a look of the codes if possible.


  3. Hello jeremy,
    I am Sachin, Electronics & communication engineering student from India. I would like to build a 3d printer using Arduino. It would be kind of you if you tell me the basics of it and how to design it.
    Thank you.

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