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Dave Jones, fellow Electrical Engineer and Youtuber, recently received a MakerBot Replicator.  As I’ve mentioned before, while working at MakerBot I was on the team responsible for designing the Replicator.  Specifically, I worked on designing the main motherboard, which Dave reviews in this video.  Dave has a lot more experience under his belt than I do, so I really enjoyed listening to his comments and critiques regarding the MightyBoard.  Check out the video below:


  1. Great video well done very informative.
    Now can you answer this ?
    My 3D printers working fine the end stops operate the green LED comes on and the relative stepper stops. Great no problem. I purchase a spare mighty board (identical to mine) not the one with the power switch on board, Sailfish firmware etc etc. Now fitted it, just to try it and ‘hammer’ from the steppers oops switch off sharpish. Moved the head to the centre switch on, the steppers drive as they reach the stops the ‘machine gun’ starts!! What I have been able to sus is the input to the 1280 for eg PL6 (Z min) has 5v on it on my board that works fine, this drops to 0v with the end stop made, but on the ‘spare’ board the voltage remains at 5v. So no change in the ‘logic’ so steppers keep going! Simple question – can I assume the 1280 is knackered? Or am I missing something? can this be ‘tweaked’ using Replicator G ie in the ‘end stop’ settings? my inputs are Z min (switch at top), X max and Y max. Your comments welcome.

    1. sussed – the pins on the ‘replacement’ Mighty board were 3mm shorter than those on my original board! So not making contact with the pins !! removed the ‘skt’ and plugged the lead directly onto the board and works fine :-)

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