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Jeremy with the Arduino Team

Yes, that’s me with the Arduino Team at Makerfaire!

If you follow me on twitter, then you’ll certainly know that I spent last weekend in New York City for the 2nd Annual Open Hardware Summit and the 2011 World Maker Faire.  I covered the Open Hardware Summit for element14 Electronics (hence the copious tweeting).  You can read all about my time at the open hardware summit on my element14 blog.  Check it out!  In addition to covering the summit, I was also there to enjoy all the amazing talks, and to demo my sudoglove controller, which is naturally all open source.

Makerfaire took place the following weekend, and was equally amazing.  I spent much of the time “geeking out” at all the booths, and trying to check out as much amazing technology as I could.  I got the opportunity to meet several people in person with whom I had previously only communicated online.  On Sunday, I worked at the Makerbot booth, demoing our exciting new MK7 Extruders.  It was great to finally show these off, because I had been working with them for much of the summer.  I could talk on and on about all the amazing things I did, but you’re probably better off just checking out the photos I took.  A slideshow is embedded below, or you can view them on flickr.

Wait… one more thing.  Arc Attack, a group that makes music using lightning and tesla coils, performed the Doctor Who theme song.  I filmed it and put it up on my secondary youtube channel.  You do subscribe to my secondary youtube channel, right?  Click Here to Watch the Video.


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