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The SudoGlove Gesture Controller, which I initially developed with several other Cornell students a few years ago seems to attract the TV spotlight.  I’ve been continuing to develop music synthesis and software control interfaces for the glove since its previous TV debut on the Discovery Channel last April.  This video focuses on the flexibility of the system, and potential future implications of the technology.  Check out the embedded video below, visit the InsideScience website, or look for it on your local news station this week!


  1. Hi,
    I would like to ask you, where exactly I can found the
    – processing code for your “MSP430 Wireless Weather Station” and
    – a material list, which components you used (I mean the sensors and the voltage “limiter” (I suppose an 7805?) and a circuit diagram, if possible.
    Background: I would like to do such a project with my students (high school).
    Thanks in advance!
    Ulrich Goldschmitt

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