My TV Debut: SudoGlove on the Discovery Channel!


This project was featured on the Amp Hour Podcast on 4/18/2011

Click to View Video on the Discovery Channel Website
<Video Removed because The Discovery Channel made a Copyright Claim> :(

If you thought I could only use the SudoGlove to drive RC cars and make music (depending on your definition of music), then you’re wrong!  It appears that I can also use it to convince TV producers to put me on the discovery channel.  Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet show reached out to me about the glove following the presentation I did at BOOM a few weeks ago.  Cornell sends out a press release about the projects, and Daily Planet seemed to like the idea.
So, after about 7 hours of filming (no, that’s not a typo) with a crew at Cornell two weeks ago, a segment on the SudoGlove aired this past week!


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