BLOG > Guitar Programming bug fixes, PCB testing, and USB installation

At this point, it’s all about bug fixes. We have two working version of our program, the spin version, running in a slower interpreted language that is easier to code, and a super fast-assembly version, that still doesn’t work perfectly, but can process 20x faster than its spin cousin. We’re trying to add new, smarter filters as well, but we’ve found that these are easier to code in spin first, and then we can move them over to assembly afterwards.

We also came to the realization today that we don’t have an intense name for our bot! So if anybody can think of a cool name, please let me know!

I started doing some test circuits on the PCBs today as well. The sensor boards work perfectly, but we will have to remake the controller boards to coincide with our new programming. In the mean time I am testing the current control boards with our old programming to ensure that the rest of their wiring is correct.

Lastly, we finally got our mini-B to B usb extension cable today. The mini-B end will plug into a processor inside the guitar, and I cut an opening in the side of the guitar for the USB-B connection. This will allow us to make programming changes to the chip without even opening the guitar, once everything is done.

Here’s some pictures from today:

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