BLOG > Even more Programming, and the Arrival of PCBs

Oh yes, even more programming today. After spending hours working out little bugs in our new code platform, we finally have a “working” version. However, it is still not as good as our previous program (the one that 100 percented a song). However, it can process significantly faster, and once we figure out how to harness that correctly, we will have some very powerful code. Not only that, but it makes more efficient use of our 8 core chip. Where our previous code used a core for each colored button, we now parallel process all the buttons in one cog, leaving the other cogs open for USB debugging, and hopefully some other things in the future (I’ll leave those as a surprise). Dr. Neil Singer, our supervisor, has been a big help with debugging and optimizing our coding.

We also got our new PCBs today, which we can now start soldering and testing. They should clean up our setup quite a bit. We are working on a stand for the monitor that will hold the sensor boards in place, while allowing for them to adjust horizontally.

Here are some pics to enjoy:

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