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Back Up to Cow Country

So tonight will be last night for quite a while that I’ll get to sleep in my comfy bed, as I’ll be heading back up to Cornell University for the Spring Semester tomorrow (actually, I guess it’s today since I’m writing this late at night). As far as courses go,[…]

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The Joys of the College Experience

So, I just got through my first set of exams here at Cornell…  To give you an idea of the tests, the average score on my first calc test was a 36%.  Granted, they aren’t usually that bad; it seems they over estimated how long they made it…  Anyways, I[…]

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Life at Cornell

I figured I’d provide an update on my activities for the 3 people who may actually be interested :) So I’ve been at Cornell Engineering for about a month now, and everything is going pretty well.  I’m taking calculus, chemistry, intro to mechanical engineering, and a writing seminar course.  I’ve[…]

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