BLOG > Building the Ultimate Computer: Edition 5 / Up to Cornell

On August 22nd I’ll be heading up to Ithaca, NY to start my college education at Cornell University’s Engineering college.  So what do you think the one thing that stressed be out about college was?  The workload?  The pressure?  The upperclassmen?  Nope.  My one worry was this: How will I survive without a powerful computer!?  The problem is that I won’t, which I why a recently built a new desktop to take with me up to college…in addition to by Dell D630 Laptop.  If you are anything like my parents, you’re probably thinking, “Why do you need such a massive powerful computer!?”  It’s who I am, people.  I’ve got a need for processor speed.  So without further adeiu, I introduce you to my newest speed machine:

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