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So, I just got through my first set of exams here at Cornell…  To give you an idea of the tests, the average score on my first calc test was a 36%.  Granted, they aren’t usually that bad; it seems they over estimated how long they made it…  Anyways, I did okay on that one (as in, near the average score).  I haven’t gotten my chemistry test back yet, but based on the responses I’ve heard from my friends in who are in the class with me, the average won’t be much better.  I hear these tests were a fluke; last year’s first calc test had an average score in the 80’s I believe…But still, it’s a little unnerving.

On the “not school work” front, I’ve decided on a concentration for the Solar Decathlon Team.  I’m going to a design a complete home automation system.  It should be really cool when complete.  Myself and a few others are planning to end up with a user-friendly interface for doing everything from controlling the music and lights, to monitoring the house’s power consumption.  Conveniently, I worked with an electrical engineer this summer, and did some work similar to what will be required to get this home automation thing running.

Hmmm….what else…I had a really good peanut butter milkshake (I promise it’s good) last night at midnight, fell asleep around 2AM, and was awoken at around 6:30 by my roomate coming back from an all night session in the library.  He had to basically design a new language for his english class.  So yeah, that sums up the college experience I think: study, work all night, eat at random hours, procastinate, socialize when not doing the doing the above, repeat.

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