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I figured I’d provide an update on my activities for the 3 people who may actually be interested :)

So I’ve been at Cornell Engineering for about a month now, and everything is going pretty well.  I’m taking calculus, chemistry, intro to mechanical engineering, and a writing seminar course.  I’ve joined the Cornell Solar Decathlon Team, which should be a really great experience.  I’ve been very interested in alternative energy sources for a few years now, and I felt like this would be a fun way to get my feet wet.  You can check out the team website here.  The purpose of the team is to build a fully operational, environmentally friendly, solar powered house.  Members include engineers, architects, business majors, and pretty much everybody else.  I’ve joined the Control Engineering subteam which will focus on home automation and power management techniques.

I’m in an undergrad research program here, and will certainly be starting research by second semester.  I haven’t decided for certain what the topic will be yet, but it is likely that it will involve research in intelligent robotic systems.

Hmm…so I suppose that’s it so far :)


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