Another Week, another TechBits (in HD!)

I recorded this episode while I was at home for Thanksgiving.  Zach Lynn co-hosts with me as we discuss the proper settings to choose for your video games, and what they all mean.  Zach co-administers, worked on the DeepNote guitar hero bot, and runs Illusion Montages with me. As[…]

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A new Vlog! Hard Drive RAID Arrays Explained.

I get asked all the time to explain hard drive RAID (redundant array of independent/inexpensive disks). So I figured I would make it the topic of discussion for my vlog this week. The description ended up taking longer then expected though, so I broke it up into three parts: Hardware[…]

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TechBits – My new Vlog

I’m starting a Vlog!  It will be called TechBits.  The idea will be to informally answer tech/computer questions, talk about the technology industry, etc.  Below is the introduction video to the series.  Be sure to subscribe to my youtube channel! :) The Description that goes with the video: TechBits will[…]

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Well, it’s not like we’ve released a line of clothing, but we do have a t-shirt and a mug that should allow you to display your geekdom proudly.  I’ve already ordered the shirt, and you can check out some awesome modeling shots of me below ;) You can go order[…]

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Building my new Computer

I built my new computer this week!  It’s quite nice–a quad core processor, GTX260 video card, 750i motherboard, 800W PSU, etc…  I got a few nice videos out of it as well: A tutorial on applying thermal paste, a review of the case, and a review of the PSU.  I’m[…]

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Updates to

Getting tired of the Guitar Hero Bot yet?  No?  Well too bad because today myself and Zach Lynn worked on our computer site,  We’ve done some work on the forum, added a live IRC Chat, and also began restructuring the pages to get ready for our upcoming tweaks which[…]

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