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CUSD's Sustainability Research Facility
An overhead rendering of the proposed research facility

CUSD's Sustainability Research Facility
A rendering of the facility on an Ithaca evening

CUSD's Sustainability Research Facility
A rendering showing the facility's semi-exposed basement level

By far, my largest time commitment at Cornell is serving as Chief Executive Director of Cornell University Sustainable Design (CUSD).  Our Sustainability Research Facility (SRF) is our current long-term project, and I serve as team leader (we have other international projects and local projects as well).  SRF has the lofty goal of designing and building a first-of-its-kind “living laboratory” for interdisciplinary sustainability research on Cornell’s Ithaca campus.  You can learn more about the goals of the project on the official website.

As of this semester, the team is comprised of about 150 students from over 20 majors around Cornell, and about a dozen faculty advisors.  Recently, a subset of our architectural team completed renderings of what our 18,000 sq ft facility might look like.  Be sure to go check out all the renders on the SRF blog.  The Cornell Daily Sun recently ran a piece about the progress we’ve made in the last year, and our full-team workathon last week resulted in the creation of some amazing ideas for the facility. This semester, we’ll be completing structural drawings, building 1:1 prototypes of components of the building, and cranking up fundraising and outreach to turn this building from renders into a reality.  I can’t wait to see the impact that the SRF will have on sustainability research at Cornell and around the world.  The mere process of designing it has already imparted all of our student members with a wealth of experiential knowledge that a classroom could never provide.

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