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This was so cool, it simply had to be shared.  Sam Muirhead, a filmmaker in Berlin, is going to attempt something so awesome, that I can’t help but to be excited.  Sam’s plan is to spend an entire year living open source.  I don’t just mean using linux and ditching apple products.  He’s open sourcing his entire life from the clothes he buys to the transportation he uses.  Sam will be documenting the entire year, teaching himself all kinds of new skills, and will hopefully show the world that the future can indeed be open source.  It’s no secret that I’m a huge supporter of open source technologies. Many of my readers are familiar with my “Open Source Society” TEDx talk, and my open source Arduino tutorials (plus all my other open source projects).  Sam will hopefully be doing some Arduino development during his year of open source, with the help of my tutorial videos!  Join me in helping Sam to make this amazing idea a reality by contributing to his fundraising campaign.  Following is Sam’s video describing the objective of this ambitious project:


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