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Open Source EcologyI was just recently introduced to open source ecology (OSE), a movement that aims to develop the global village construction set – all the tools you need to develop a modern community.  They’ve already started prototyping many of the tools, and have published all the details necessary to build them on their website. You can learn more about the goals of the project by checking out Marcin Jakubowski’s TED Talk on OSE.  While in London last week, I was contacted by Will Cleaver, a contributer to the movement, who is trying to get it rolling in Europe.  I met with him to discuss how the OSE movement could better implement the open sourcing of the electronics necessary for their various tools.  Will filmed part of the meeting and put it up on youtube – you can check it out below.  I hope to continue collaborating with OSE in the future – it seems like a brilliant idea!

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  1. He Jeremy i browsed through the wiki and the website and i think what you guys are trying to create is really wonderful and it’s something that is needed for open source as a hole .

    Thank you

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