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Did you want more blog posts from me? Well you’re in luck, because I’m now a contributing writer for element14’s new “Do-It-Together” Blog! I’ll be posting on anything and everything relating to engineering, technology, and science. But I’m not the only writer! There’s a ton of great talent contributing to the blog, including Jeri Ellsworth, Dave Young, and Chris Kraft.

Don’t worry – I’ll continue to update my blog with all the work that I do personally, including all the details for my various projects (as I do currently).  I’ll be sure to post links over to any new posts I make on the element14 blog so that you guys can check them out!

So what are you waiting for? Go read my first article! Here’s an excerpt to get you started:

As far as I know, I’m the only element14 Do-It-Yourself blog writer who’s still in school.  Considering my unique position, I intend to use these blogs as means for sharing news and engineering ideas not only in their relation to the electronics industry, but also as they relate to the “next generation” of engineers.  We have some serious tasks to face as my generation takes on the world of engineering – global warming, running out of fossil fuel, increasing global population, and many more things should be able to keep us busy for some time.


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