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Mona Lisa Constructed from Electronic ComponentsTime for another post on the element14 Do-It-Together Blog!  I’ll assume you’ve already read my inaugural post.  My latest post calls for continuing collaboration between artists and engineers.  This is a topic that I’ve been exploring a lot over the last 2 years.  I’ve started getting more interested in this since enrolling in a music course this semester and making my first attempt at developing a musical instrument.

Following is an excerpt from my latest blog post on the Do-It-Together Blog.  Visit element14 to read the whole thing!

I think we’re on the verge of the next artistic renaissance.  This time, instead of magnificent architecture, beautifully painted portraits, and the rise of humanism, I think engineering (specifically electrical engineering) will begin to define exciting new forms of artistic expression.  From Jeri Ellsworth’s PIR Art Project (a motion sensing, musical art installation), to Randy Elwin’s le dominoux (a new take on dominos and a 555 contest winner!), to my Sudosynth (a gesture-based music synthesizer), it’s clear that the overlap between electrical engineering and art can be sizeable.  With the advent of simple microcontroller platforms like the arduino, it’s become easier than ever for artists to try their hands at electrical engineering (or vice versa).


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