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Sexy Temperature DisplayOpen Source saves the day once again!  Working off the Arduino+I2C+Processing powered temperature display that I crafted in my 7th Arduino Tutorial, [Steven Dayton] has crafted a beautiful Processing Sketch that puts mine to shame.  He created the illustration using InkScape 0.48, and has included 3 variations of the background art with the processing source files.

You can download the package here: Steven’s Processing Temperature Display

You’ll need the Arduino sketch that I wrote for my I2C Tutorial, which you can get here: Jeremy’s 7th Tutorial for Arduino

Thanks Steven!


  1. It’s very cool to see this demonstration about wath can be done with Processing and Arduino, its very simple to have a great interface for a great hardware, its only cost some work and inspiration. One of the most great thing about processing and Arduino IDE is the multi plataform, it can works on linux, windows and macos with out major changes.

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