October 6, 2013

Machine Metabolism Research (Finally) Published in IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine

Although I finished my metabolic machine research about two years ago, the journal paper that I co-authored on the topic was just published in IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine this past month. Give it a read! Continue reading

Machine Metabolism Robot

February 29, 2012

Machine Metabolism Robot Meets the World

I recently released a video demonstration of the autonomous structure reconfiguring “metabolic machine” that I designed along with Franz Nigl, Shuguang Li, and Hod Lipson in Cornell’s Creative Machines Lab. The paper will be published in IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine soon. Continue reading


December 9, 2011

Winner of IEEE-USA’s “New Faces of Engineering – College Edition”

I’m honored to announce that I was selected as the first annual “New College Face of Engineering” for IEEE-USA (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Don’t expect to see my face plastered on any billboards anytime soon, but it’s still exciting to be recognized by such a prestigious organization – I’m proud to call myself a member of IEEE. Continue reading