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Oops, I forget to charge my camera battery, so no pictures today we managed to get some the next day (posted below), but here’s what we’ve done recently.

We completely finshed the metal rack that will hold the sensors, and accompanying tripod mount for it.  Using module components, we are able to construct it in such away that sensors can be replaced without unsoldering anything, and using clip-in racks, the positioning of the sensors can be easily adjusted based on screen size.  Our tripod mount is also adjustable, allowing the tripod to stand close to, or far away from the TV using an adjustable arm.  This is beneficial, if for example, the TV is in a cabinet.   There are also felt bumpers on the front of the bar to prevent damage to the television.

Thanks to a suggestion and some help from youtube user al337h4x, we modified the game textures to remove lightning!  That completely fixes the problem we were having with the sensors activating when lightning flashed past them.  This should be good for allowing us to get some high scores, but DeepNote will of course continue to work on standard, unmodified Guitar Hero games.

Enjoy some pictures of the finished sensor rack!

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