Building the Ultimate Computer: Edition 4

I’ve upgraded my computer! My old system (ultimate computer 1) has been donated to my brother, and I will be replacing it with a watercooled beast. The specs and pictures are available in my forum post here. And I’ve made both a montage of the build set to music, and[…]

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Did I mention there’s another?

That’s right, not just one more computer building video, but two! Are you excited or what? I did these a few days apart, but uploaded them both to youtube today. Once again, the parts are pretty similar, because I’ve tested that they work well together. So without further adieu… UltimateComputer3.[…]

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Another Computer Video!?

The video of my first computer build was more successful than I thought on youtube, so it looks like I’ll be filming some more. Following is a similar system that I built with a friend. It’s designed for most of the same stuff, video editing, some games, etc. Visit the[…]

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