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RWSOLS is now easier than ever to setup!

Back in 2013, I first released instructions and code to build a Remote Wake/Sleep-On-LAN server powered by a Raspberry Pi. To my surprise, this project ended up becoming my most starred project on GitHub, and has evolved several times over the last 8 years. I still use this project frequently when I want to Remote-Desktop into my home machine, which I normally put to sleep when not otherwise in use.

During COVID-19 lockdown, I’m doing a lot less travelling than I normally would, so I’ve been using some of the extra time to revamp some older projects (in addition to building smart exercise equipment). One thing that’s been on my list for a while was cleaning up this Remote Wake/Sleep-On-LAN server (RWSOLS) with properly signed HTTPS certificates, and an automatic setup script. Now, I’ve done exactly that, and it’s in a state that’s ready to share. Here are some of the changes:

  • Adds an automated installer script that takes out all of the guesswork.
  • Tested and working on the latest versions of Raspberry Pi OS Lite, Apache, and PHP.
  • Adds full support for signed, Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates with automatic setup.
  • Improves security of password hashing approach.
  • Simplifies configuration of dynamic DNS updating functionality and supports ddclient installed on the same Raspberry Pi.

So, if you’re up for it (especially if you already use the previous version of my RWSOLS software) consider heading over to the v3_beta branch on my GitHub repo, try out the new installer script, and let me know what you think by opening a GitHub issue for any problems you find! The GitHub wiki provides updated instructions for new installation flow.


  1. Been using this for years on Pi and Intel systems – Raspian and Ubuntu. Just stopped working for reasons unknown. Anyway tried the Docker version of your latest and back in business. Thanks.

  2. An arm32 docker version would be great. I alreay have a pi setup as NGINXPM and wireguard server on the pi in docker and this would make securing via letsencrypt easy on host ports other than 80

  3. Since daylight savings time commenced on the weekend my RWSOLS logs are one hour ahead. The Raspberry clock time on panel is correct. Is there something I can adjust to align the RWSOLS log times to Raspberry Pi clock?

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