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Shaper Origin is the product that I’ve spent the last few years helping to bring to market. As the world’s first handheld CNC, it has the potential to completely change they way people approach building and repairing things. I’m quite proud of the work we’ve done at Shaper to construct a quality product both inside, and out. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to do teardown of Origin with iFixit. For the uninitiated, iFixit is a company dedicated to taking everything apart, figuring out how products work, and empowering people to repair their products instead of just throwing them away.

Recently, Ilan and I spent some time with Kyle (Founder and CEO of iFixit), tearing down Origin and making some sawdust. Ilan is the co-founder of Shaper and was one of my mechanical engineering counterparts responsible for making Origin ready-for-market with me. Check out the teardown video:

Before we tore the unit apart, we engraved iFixit’s logo into their teardown bench:


  1. In one of your presentations, you mentioned that someone was developing a circuit that would take the output from an Arduino Write Analog command and amplify that signal to a smooth output voltage. I could use that if it is available. I would appreciate any information you have that would help me acquire that circuit board.

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