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Working at a robotic power tools company has really gotten me back into woodworking, a hobby that I had previously pursued when I was much younger. I’m particularly proud of this Chinese Checkers set that I just completed (with some help from my girlfriend and my awesome co-workers). The board is a (very heavy) glue-up of solid White Oak slabs. I used a special plunge-cutting ball bit to make the marble holes. The triangles are made using a simple engraving bit, and then the whole thing is cut out using a 1/4″ spiral upcut bit. I got marbles from Amazon. The board is finished with a coat of linseed oil. This design and many others will be available for Shaper Origin users to download and make on their when we start shipping Origin later this year.

Confused? Go check out to learn more about the Handheld CNC that we’re developing and bringing to market. And be sure to check out the Shaper Blog, too, where the other engineers/designers and I have been detailing what goes in to making a product like Origin.


  1. Hi Mr Blum,

    I love your work and have been following you for years.
    I would buy a Shaper Origin in and instant…and almost did in the first offering, but I live in Australia.
    I am on the email list but please, please be sure that the word gets out as soon as a 240v 50hz model is offered for people like us Down Under.
    Keep up the great work,
    Kind regards,


  2. Hi Jeremy, I haven’t played Chinese Checkers in I’ll bet 60 years! Brings back old memories that’s for sure. The set I played on was a stamped metal affair that was very noisy when the marbles hit it. If you’re ever in Chicago I challenge you to a game. Looks great.

  3. Hello Mr. Blum,

    i have been searching about u since last month. your profile look very interesting and inspiring. i am 2nd year electronic and communication student. i would love to push up my carrier in electronic field like yours. what do you suggest me to read and follow at this point of the time to follow your footstep.. please suggest me to move ahead, and i already started reading ur book. i am waiting forur reply.. please .. big fan of your..

    bangalore india

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