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A few months ago, I built and reviewed the Shapeoko2 CNC mill from Inventables. Now, I’m back to review its successor, the X-Carve. The X-Carve features new-and-improved mechanics, a much sturdier spindle mounting system, and a myriad of other improvements that make it easier than ever to venture into the world of CNC machines. Of course, this is still a DIY machine, but it’s a great starting point for those who are curious about subtractive manufacturing. Inventables’ build documentation and Easel design software greatly bolster the machine as well. And, they’ve done a great job of open-sourcing all the design files. Check out my full review video below!


  1. I have the x carve.. It is a piece of TRASH.. Do Not purchase. If you want to do simple things and not think outside the box then get it. I purchased it to build wooden parts. It works great with CNC program I spent an extra $800 on with anothr company. The program EASEL that comes with x carve really SUCKS. It print were it wants on the board and skips a letter or prints part of the letter. I have called many many times. I get put into voice mail or the emails don’t get answered till 2 days later. I need help NOW…

    Words to the wise DO NOT BUY THIS MACHINE…..

  2. genial la maquina cnc me gustaria saber como se arma y la programacion y los materiales que se deben de utilizar

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