BLOG > uArm Review: An Open-Source Robotic Arm for your Desk!

The uArm is an open-source (hardware and software) desktop robotic arm. It implements the same mechanics found on industrial robot arms, and easily communicates with your computer for direct control. It’s a great tool for learning about robotics. UFactory, the team behind the uArm, sent me one to evaluate, and I’ve been working with them to provide feedback on how they can make the arm better – I’m always excited to help improve and promote awesome open-hardware projects. Watch my video review of the uArm, below, to learn more about it. Please note that this is an objective review of the product, and that I was not paid to produce this video.

The uArm is presently fundraising on Kickstarter. They’ve already blown through their fundraising goal, but you can still pre-order one before the campaign ends! If the campaign has already ended once you read this, go check out the UFactory website to learn more.


  1. have you backed one? I haven’t seen that they published layouts and code – and campaign at Kickstarter is already gone for some time.

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