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This is my third CadSoft Eagle tutorial, sponsored by element14 & cadsoft.  In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to prepare your finished circuit board design for manufacturing! This will involve performing DFM (Design for Manufacturability) checks, generating output Gerber files, and sending your output files to a board fabricator. If you haven’t watched my first two eagle tutorials yet, I recommend that you watch them first.

This tutorial has been made possible with support from CadSoft and element14.
Learn more about Cadsoft Eagle here:
You can download CadSoft Eagle here:

You can download the files associated with this episode here: Eagle Tutorial 3 Files

In the video, I reference several options for getting your board fabricated, and for doing DFM checks. Here are all the links:

Source materials for all my eagle tutorials can be found in my github repository.

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Watch this tutorial at (coming soon), or on youtube.  It’s embedded below:


  1. Jeremy,

    The trouble on this latest tutorial’s audio was not the microphone but the use of the microphone. An old carbon mic from a telephone would work just as well if used properly. As a deaf person, I tried desperately to comprehend what you said but to no avail.

    1. Get the mic as close as possible without puffing during plosives. The width of two fingers is right for radio broadcasters. The TV guys (at greater distances) have to use perfectly deadened studios and high-gain audio amplifiers.
    2. Sit up straight when you speak.
    3. Speak as you would to a large, live audience. That is, speak loudly. This is an effective aerobic activity and is good for you. It gets attention and makes excitement. Move your jaw! The best radio announcers stand whenever they speak.
    4.Practice your talk before you begin. Merely having a high IQ is not enough. Present like a presenter.
    5. Adjust levels before you begin. It is true that the Internet paradigm allows no standard for audio levels. That does not mean that a standard value may be ignored. Crank the sound up but just short of smashing peaks. If you happen to invent a means to measure digital audio and keep it at highest levels at time of recording you will be a king and make lots of money.

    Note that competing analog radio broadcasters spend much money trying to get transmitted audio to the highest possible volume. The loudest one has the competitive edge as listeners scan the spectrum.

    Early television inventors experimented to see just how bad a signal audiences would tolerate. A 50% decrease in picture quality brought minimal complaint but a 10% loss of audio quality caused immense numbers viewers. Sound matters.

    I really need to hear you and very much appreciate your work.

  2. When I try to add the job file, I get error

    Unknown Label: CAM Processor job

    If I hit ok, then I don’t see all the tabs that you are getting (representing different garber files). Can you please help?

  3. @Nahid, You might have figured the problem but I decided to leave a note just in case some one is looking at this. I think you might not have downloaded the file correctly. If you are getting it from Jeremy’s github, make sure you are downloading the “Raw” file.

  4. Hi Jeremy,
    Thanks for your EagleCAD tutorials, they’ve helped me in designing PCBs. I just got mine a couple of weeks ago and what a joy it was to see them work. After building circuits using strip boards, this is much easier.

    Thanks again,

    1. Thanks for the Cadsoft software. As willium said now you can replace it with Eagle 7.3 version. I use for my PCB manufacturing who is working on Eagle 7.3 version.

  5. Your EagleCAD tutorials are excellent. Couple of questions. I have the free Eagle 6.5.0 Light Edition. It does not have DesignLink in the menu. Is this a limitation of the Light Edition, or is there a way to add DesignLink? Also, when I add a component like a 7805, is there a way to flip it up vertically? In my Eagle design it is lying flat. When I sent my .brd file to, it wanted to drill a hole in the board where the heat sink should be attached to the 7805 on a plane perpendicular to the board.

  6. Hi Jeremy
    Sorry for the stupid question but how can i import your CAM job ( into eagle? Please answer as quick as possible.

    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I am not a native speaker.

  7. What I am looking to do is create a library part for an item that, as far as I know does not exist.

    I need to create a breakout board for a Dorji DRA818U or DRA818V receiver/tramsmitter. What I may do is create a shiled for this use.

    I’d like some general hints as to how to procede. How to space pads, how to size pads, etc.

    I’ve read your Arduino book and seen all of your Eagle and Arduino tutorials. Most helpful.


  8. Hi Jeremy,
    Same as Chuckk, I too would like to make my own parts as so many of the Arduinos (probably clones) seem to have so many similar boards with slightly different lay outs, I think ive seen about 5 or 6 different 5v pro mini boards for example.

    Another one of your wonderful tutorials “4” ?????



  9. hi Jeremy Blum i am using 7400 NAND gate ic how to connect power pin in schematic i am unable to find that pin

  10. can u tell me how to add components which are not found in the liberary
    i dint found some parts of texas instruments
    please help me

  11. i could not find some of the components of texas instruments in the liberary . please tell me how to include those components in my liberary

  12. Thanks for CadSoft Eagle tutorial, It really helpful. I am happy to tell you that EAGLE Version 7.3 has been released.

  13. Hi Jeremy, Your Tutorial part 3 on Cam processor in Eagle is quite useful but where to find your sfe-gerb274*.cam file and how to install it?

  14. Hi Jeremy, this is a very nice tutorial.

    I am getting error while uploading the text file for dril in the real cam processor. It shows the dril points which are out side of the board dimension. please help me out if there is any settings required in the through hole PCB board designing.

  15. Very good tutorial sharing. I generally designed a single layer circuit board.
    If a small number of I will make their own, has not output Gerber files.

  16. Hi jeremy

    your video helped me to understand….

    give tutorials on meander antenna
    how to draw?
    how to match impedance
    and all

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