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The TAHMO Team
Members of the TAHMO Final Challenge convened in Nairobi to build a unique Weather Sensor network.

The Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO) Project recently brought together 12 participants from all over Africa (and Spain) to build a unique weather station specifically design for Africa. My consultancy, Blum Idea Labs, proudly supported the workshop with Arduino Tutorials and a welcome video to get the participants excited about what they would be able to accomplish. Participants received a kit with an Arduino, electronics supplies, and a flash drive containing my tutorial videos to get them started.

If you’re curious, you can watch the welcome video that I recorded for the participants, here.

The TAHMO Final Challenge site summarizes the workshop well:

During the five day workshop, the 21 sensors brought by the participants, measuring variables such as rainfall, temperature, humidity and wind were integrated into an experimental weather station. All sensor were connected to one Raspberry Pi, a low-cost microcomputer, that functioned as the heart of the integrated weather station. The Raspberry Pi sent all data obtained by the sensors to the internet through MQTT, a messaging transport that is ideal for connecting small devices connected on networks with minimal bandwidth. IBM’s system Intelligent Operations for Water (IOW) stored the data from the 21 sensors in the cloud and nicely visualized measurement values on a map.

The workshop participants also recorded a quick video to thank me for my support of their efforts:

This video gives a nice rundown of the final weather station project that they developed:


  1. It was a very nice experience being a part of this ambitious project. Full of work and Fun. It couldn’t have been better. Was very Happy when all the sensor came together on the last day, and through synergy, we were able to unify a project that has been done individual from different part of the world and achieved a much desired result. Congratulation to everyone and thanks to Sponsors, Supporters and Financiers of this project. However its still continue…

  2. I’m excited about that, i wish i had an opportunity to join the team. I’m an enthusiastic in arduino projects

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