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I’m thrilled to announce the publication of my first book, Exploring Arduino! The book is already available for worldwide pre-order from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Wiley, and many international outlets. It will start shipping in about a week (July 22nd). The eBook will also be available on all major platforms at the end of this month. Visit to learn more, access tons of free digital content, and to buy the book.

Watch the video below for an introduction to the book:


  1. It’s so cool you’ve written a book. I love your videos and am considering giving this a read. Did the publisher have the idea for the book title so that it would sell more? I would have rather have seen it called (big) _ENGINEERING_WIZARDRY_ (small) _using_the_Arduino_, since there are so many books already out there about Arduino, mostly getting started guides. I’m more interested in your unique ideas and techniques and hope that’s what sets this book apart. :O)

  2. Jeremy, I have been following your blogs and YouTube videos for over two years, and tutorials have been helped my educational path in many ways. I am looking forward to purchasing your book because I know it will be a bestseller and a wonderful reference to assist in my future projects. Thanks so much Jeremy. :)

    -Marion Leigh

  3. Corrected:

    Jeremy, I have followed your blogs and YouTube videos for over two years, and your tutorials have helped my educational path in many ways. I am looking forward to purchasing your book because I know it will be a bestseller and a wonderful reference to assist in my future projects. Thanks so much Jeremy. :)

    -Marion Leigh

    P.S. I apologize for the previous post with the grammatical errors….

  4. JEREMY…you are a life saviour…seriously man…hats off to ur tutorials… keep the good work up..looking forward to more tutorials..

  5. I rocketed through your video series before I even got my Arduino. I was so glad to see you made a book out of it. I received it a few days ago and it looks great, congratulations. The approach is very easy to follow. The lessons build upon each other nicely and you do a great job of tackling more complex projects without letting the reader get overwhelmed.

    You are a great inspiration.

  6. thank you for the book. I will probably buy it.
    why is the kindle edition more expensive than printed one ? makes no sense

  7. Jeremy, all the best to You, Your work is awesome!

    Question about book: Moust Your tutorials I found complicated things easy explained. And what most imported is that not only understand these things, but also learn to use them in my own particular case. Now I am working on metal detector with arduino. So it is fundamental to understand arduino timing and how to using it. Is it enough explained about timing in Your book in my case?

  8. Just bought the e-book. If it’s anywhere close to the quality of your videos, I’m sure it will be bestseller. Congratulations on getting the book out.

  9. just bought the book ;and then found the tutorials typical of the way i ‘work’ ;>)
    one of the best books i’ve read about microcontrollers;and ive read all i can afford to buy,sad geek that i am…this book doesn’t have much that doesn’t need to be there;any additional stuff is either in the videos or online at the supporting site.clear photos,correct diagrams no massive spaces and pages long code segments wasting page after page;i wish other books had been written this way. you are an inspiration, keep up the good work!

  10. Hey, just got your book! I loved how in the beginning you were upfront about this not being a cookbook (paraphrased).

    This will be very helpful in my projects and my CPEs. Looking forward to getting started!

  11. Great book. I’m half way through so far – missing time to read faster ;-)

    I have a few criticism though (that will, I hope, help you improve the net edition):

    – on the black and white pictures/drawings, the cabling is sometimes hard to guess. If one’s good with electronics, then it’s not a problem, but other readers might easily make a wrong cabling if they can’t read the electrical schematics.

    – you try to reach people with none or little skills in both electronics and programming and also people with experience in it. The problem is, strict beginners in both domains might have a hard time understanding some of the concepts you present, and people with good knowledge in them might find it sometimes too detailed. You won’t really please both sides, so I’d suggest you focus on one of them only OR you write two books each dedicated to the corresponding level.

    So, despite the fact it’s a great book, I personally sometimes feel it lacks deeper technical details and I’m afraid in the same time beginners might find it hard to follow. Visiting the site may help, but I personally rarely visit sites that are related to a particular book: it’s either paper or internet, rarely both ;-)

    Good work, though!


  12. I have many books on electonics and programming, this book surpasses them all. A very calm and relaxing approach to some very hard topics, also well timed as I wish to use Arduino for many model railway/railroad projects, including web interfacing for variable adjustment.

    I did not know about your other exploits and videos, looks like you have a great deal of fun, good luck in all your ventures.

    Kind regards

    A very satisfied UK customer.

  13. Hey jeremy its been very long i have been waiting for your book..but it seems the book is still not available on online market in india.Can you please tell me when it will be in the indian market ???
    plzz reply..

  14. hey jeremy,i know this is not the write place to ask this question but i cannot help myself (sorry)
    My question is:
    Whether i can both connect a lcd display and rf receiver using a single arduino uno..since we have got only one pair of rx and tx pin uno..plzzz help..

    1. The book doesn’t explicitly discuss keypad programming, but it should be easy for you to pick up after reading the other introductory lessons in the book.

  15. Excellent video tutorials on Arduino. Great job Jeremy. Looking forward to your book which should be landing on my doorstep soon.

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