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You might already know that my Arduino Tutorials have been professionally re-dubbed in Russian, and that they’ve been viewed over a million times.  But did you know that they are being used to help build curriculums, and to teach people in educational programs around the world? In the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of being informed by a number of American and international viewers that they are using my videos to teach electrical engineering and programming concepts in programs on several continents.  Here are just a few highlights:

Trans-African Hydro-Meteorological Observatory (TAHMO)

Maker Kits
Kits (with my Tutorials) ready to be sent!

The Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands has started the TAHMO project that aims to build 20,000 weather station in sub-Saharan Africa. In the context of this project they have organized a competition among African students to design a sensor that measures a hydrological or weather variable. Selected design teams were be sent a ‘Makers Package’ to build a prototype, including an Arduino starters kit. The package also includes a flash drive with educational materials, including copies of my Arduino tutorial videos.


St. Louis Hacker Scouts

St. Louis Hacker Scouts
Talking to the St. Louis Hacker Scouts via YouTube

The St. Louis Hacker Scouts (think Boy Scouts with an engineering twist), are going through my Arduino Tutorials as they learn about microcontrollers. In fact, their curriculum is co-sponsored by Blum Idea Labs, LLC., my engineering consultancy. Before their first meeting, the scouts worked through my introductory Arduino Tutorial video, so they were all familiar with me.  Naturally, they were very surprised and excited when I showed up (via a personalized video message) at their first meeting.  You can watch the video I recorded for them, here.


Duke University

Mark Palmeri, a professor at Duke University has recently adopted the Arduino as the platform of choice for teaching his introductory medical instrumentation class.  He’s using my open source materials and videos as an introduction for his class lab. He’s made all the information available on his website.


  1. Wow that isn’t hard to believe considering the quality of information in those videos. Great work! Your videos inspire me to study electrical engineering. Also they inspired me to build an innovation that placed me second at the Canada Wide Science Fair in Lethbridge Alberta this year. @romanakozak

  2. Thanks for your tutorials. I am 54 years old, and I am using them to learn Electronics (something I have wanted to do since I was 10). Your tutorials are great; you are a gifted teacher — as you clearly explain each subject. I hope you continue to use your gift to help others. Thanks again! Richard

  3. Congratulations from Portugal!

    I REALLY appreciate your tutorials. Thank you!
    Best luck for you in your future

  4. good video… i was looking for GPS tracking with the altitude capability. so far cant find any arduino board that support it

  5. Hi, love your videos. you rock. am doing a project on rfid. I wanted to know the following:
    1. How to write data on rfid tag
    2. How to connect lcd display to arduino uno and program it
    3. How to connect speakers

  6. I worked through your tutorials a while ago and have since gone on to further interest thanks to them.
    I have already ordered your book and have other books about the arduino including Simon Monks 30 arduino projects for the evil genius (I can hope).
    If you are looking for other items to connect to the arduino for tutorials would you consider the MCP 23017 16 bit expander? I am running out of inputs/outputs as are other people I am sure.

  7. Hi Jeremy,

    The tutorials are great! I am planning to get your book also!

    Also, your doing a great job spreading the information around the world.. a real social benefit!


  8. Hi, I’m from Colombia. I left my EE studies becouse, I wasn’t getting anything real from them, only math. After watching your videos I’m rethinking many things…..

  9. Congratulations from Brazill!
    I really appreciate your tutorials.
    I am using them to do my term paper control and automation engineering.
    Your language is very clear to me.

    Thank you!

    If ou are looking for someone in Brazil, i’m at your disposal. lol

  10. Your tutorials about Arduino helped me a lot to be unique in my class… Hope one day I could be like you so that I could share my knowledge and world could use embedded systems designed by me…

  11. Hi Jeremy,

    Thanks for the tutorials. They are very clear and helpful.
    As a Arduino enthusiast i am starting with the new generation yongsters with Arduino.
    We really have problems with finding young people these days to go study electronics.
    Me and my colleague who is a electronics engineer are starting a group to learn Arduino.
    This in the hope to get them interested in electronics. Well it worked for me so I hope you don’t mind if i use your tutorials.
    I am starting with setting up a starter kit. Your book will be included and purchesed by the company to support your Arduino quest.
    We will use many of the basic Arduino sensors and components to make testequipment for our trains.

    Keep up the good work. Thanks!


  12. Jeremy please I need your help so much. I just started studying electrical engineering. We are presently on programming c and we are using the Arduino as the open source. I had no idea on programming before coming into the class and the teacher doesn’t really explain well. I would need your help on how to know programming c and use it effectively in arduino….please do respond quickly

  13. Jeremy,

    Your videos are fantastic. I have learnt a lot from them. It has formed a good foundation for my PhD. I have just ordered for you book from Amazon. Hope the book helps me too.

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